Evergreen Podcasts Takes Ownership Position in Five Minute News, LLC

Evergreen Podcasts Takes Ownership Position in Five Minute News, LLC

CLEVELAND, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Evergreen Podcasts welcomes Five Minute News as the newest podcast to join the network. Five Minute News is a podcast production covering essential politics, inequality, health and climate - while delivering independent, unbiased and essential world news daily. The podcast will be the core show for Evergreen's strategy to build a global podcast news network. Evergreen has agreed to invest capital into the Five Minute News brand over the next two years. Evergreen will also host, distribute and support all marketing programs for the podcast.

Anthony Davis, Founder of Five Minute News, is a British broadcaster, journalist and announcer. For over 20 years, Davis hosted numerous news programs for various international media channels. He was a popular radio personality for the BBC, LBC and Smooth Radio in the United Kingdom. In 2017, he relocated to Los Angeles with his family to pursue work in Hollywood as an announcer, landing the major campaign 'You can't stop us' for Nike. Anthony's passion for current affairs was ignited by a seeming lack of non-partisan and world news coverage in the U.S., leading him to create an original fact-based format for the U.S. market, during arguably the most turbulent news cycle in history. Five Minute News instantly found an audience.

Anthony Davis said "Five Minute News is thrilled to be partnering with Evergreen Podcasts and joining their growing platform of quality podcast content. Evergreen has recognized the potential in our unbiased world news service, and we look forward to growing the network together."

"When the opportunity presented itself to financially partner with Five Minutes News," noted Michael DeAloia - Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Podcasts, "We felt this was the perfect opportunity for Evergreen to grow one of the best news properties in the podcast industry. We have grand expectations for the show."

Anthony Davis, the host of Five Minute News and News Director for Evergreen Podcasts, is available for interviews on all media platforms including TV, radio, online media and newspapers. Contact information is below.

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