Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Launched in July 2019, Five Minute News is an unvarnished, non-partisan, modern news brand available on all streaming and podcast platforms. The show is also readily available as an Amazon Alexa flash briefing.

Five Minute News was created by Anthony Davis to fill a forgotten sector of the news industry: true news. Factual, verified, and responsible news gathering and delivery, without the need for dramatization, embellishment, or theatrics — Five Minute News cuts through the noise of legacy cable and network television news. With a striking voice, the podcast reflects the magnitude of today’s inequality, in a relatable, reliable format that’s broadly accessible.

Five Minute News is hosted by Anthony Davis. He has over twenty-year’s experience in journalism, starting in 1997 covering the UK General Election for The Economist, through ITV network television news, and finally as a political talk host on UK radio network LBC. Anthony has achieved record ratings for almost a decade. His distaste for celebrity news and misinformation led him to create a brand for thoughtful people who don’t have time to rummage around the internet for trusted world news.

As a skillful news anchor and host, Mr. Davis communicates with a genuine sense of empathy and concern. His seasoned delivery is similar in style to the BBC. An experienced and former BBC contributor, Anthony has an uncompromising command of the medium. His style of delivery stands out in the opinionated American news digest space, with a British eloquence that captivates audiences the world over.

Like a breath of fresh air, Five Minute News is facts first, full of honesty and accuracy. It is impossible for the truth to be biased if properly researched and verified. In this way, Five Minute News does not seek to be balanced, its purpose is to be factual. The nuance between balance and facts powers the daily podcast, which makes for a trusted source amongst predominantly biased news networks.

A variety of sponsorship packages are available for the podcast, including a title sponsorship that includes host reads and premium brand positioning with all branding efforts of the podcast, including top-of-the podcast mentions, integration of sponsor logo on podcast tile, web page and marketing materials, press release and public relations, e-mail marketing, social media and more. Contact us for more information.

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