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Melania Trump’s Ex-BFF reveals BAD NEWS ahead for entire Trump family | The Weekend Show

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Top Democratic Strategist who PREDICTED Midterms makes next BIG MOVE | The Weekend Show

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MASS EXODUS away from the NRA and MAGA EXPOSED by Former Gun Executive | The Weekend Show

Top Political Strategist DEFEATED TRUMP with TARGETED Messaging and Explains HOW | The Weekend Show

Top Cult Expert EXPOSES the SECRETS of MAGA Mind Control | The Weekend Show

Top Expert EXPOSES MAGA Brainwashing Techniques and how to DEPROGRAM | The Weekend Show

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok SPEAKS OUT on Jack Smith, Russian Collusion + MORE | The Weekend Show

How MAGA ATTACK on RULE OF LAW EXPOSES Utter Hypocrisy | The Weekend Show

LIVE: MAGA Republicans have DESTROYED Conservatism for the Trump CULT

Nazi Hunter DOXXED by Fox SPEAKS OUT | The Weekend Show

Nazi Hunter TARGETED by Fox SPEAKS OUT | The Weekend Show

Top Right Wing Researcher on how he EXPOSES the DERANGED MAGA Cult | The Weekend Show

Top Professor EXPOSES MAGA Republican Plan for FASCIST Rule & How to FIGHT BACK | The Weekend Show

Former Republican Joe Walsh Reveals his DISGUST of MAGA and Today’s GOP | The Weekend Show

Trump CORNERED as GOP PANICS after Midterm Flop with Megaviral STAR PoliticsGirl | The Weekend Show

The FALL OF TRUMP with Top Democratic Strategist Max Burns | The Weekend Show

Top Expert on Fascism WARNS of Trump and MAGA movement’s DANGER to America | The Weekend Show

Top Extremism Expert OBLITERATES and EXPOSES Trump and MAGA Movement | The Weekend Show

LIVE DEBATE: Top British Pro-Democracy Broadcaster FACES OFF against far-right OAN host | TWS

Brilliant Futurist REVEALS what’s next in the FIGHT for Democracy vs MAGA Fascism | The Weekend Show

Top Investigative Journalist EXPOSES Bombshell SECRET TRUMP-MAGA-PUTIN Links | The Weekend Show

Jessica Denson who BEAT TRUMP in Court Speaks on New Trump CRIMES | The Weekend Show

Top Political Analyst SOUNDS ALARM on MAGA Extremism AFTER Trump is INDICTED | The Weekend Show

Top Cybersecurity Expert EXPOSES the TRUMP and QANON Plot to Overthrow Democracy | The Weekend Show

EXPOSING the MAGA Criminal Grift and Its Dangerous Domestic Terrorism Networks | The Weekend Show

Top Cult Expert DISSECTS the MAGA Cult and how to BREAK THE SPELL | The Weekend Show

Top Analyst of Trump’s Crimes Allison Gill REVEALS Trump’s VAST Criminal Exposure | The Weekend Show

Top Expert on Extremism EXPOSES NRA and GOP Plan to RADICALIZE America | The Weekend Show

Top extremism expert SOUNDS ALARM on Trump’s Espionage and future plans | The Weekend Show

Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on Trump’s Deteriorating Mental Fitness | The Weekend Show

How Trump’s use of DIVISION and RAGE, was a decades long plan | The Weekend Show

She EXPOSES how the FAR RIGHT views the Jan 6 Hearings | The Weekend Show

The GOP climate CON EXPOSED by these superstar teen climate activists! | The Weekend Show

How Jessica Denson ESCAPED Trump’s CULT and WON in court | The Weekend Show

Top Political Analyst WARNS of America’s Self-Destruction


Top British Broadcaster and Leading Human Rights Advocate EXPOSE GOP Attacks on Civil Rights | TWS

Top British Broadcaster and Allison Gill OBLITERATE GOP Opposition to Jan 6 Hearings | Weekend Show

Doctor who Predicted Covid Pandemic WARNS of New Public Health Emergencies | The Weekend Show

Dash Reacts to Trump's Transphobic Remarks at Latest Rally

Top Economist WARNS of collapse of American Civilization | The Weekend Show

Top Democratic Activist talks Roe, Elon Musk and Great Replacement Theory | The Weekend Show

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Leaks aside - human rights are on the line. Analysis with Jackie Singh | The Weekend Show

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Voting analysis with Jennifer Cohn | The Weekend Show

Elections Under ATTACK! Voting Analysis with Jennifer Cohn | The Weekend Show

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What do Republicans really stand for? (Cheri Jacobus) | The Weekend Show

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Is the US at risk of civil war? (Harald Malmgren) | The Weekend Show

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