The Weekend Show

Dr Jennifer Mercieca on the presidential debates with one candidate running for dictator.

‘The President Show’ star Anthony Atamanuik on Donald Trump’s mindset in the wake of his trials.

Cult expert Dr Stephen Hassan on Trump's narcissism and delusions of grandeur | The Weekend Show

Barbara McQuade on Trump’s abuse of the justice system and relentless disinformation campaign.

Former 'anonymous' Trump staffer Miles Taylor exposes the threat from within the GOP leadership.

Noah Bookbinder on how insurrectionist Trump can even be allowed to run for President again.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg on why he isn’t worried about the November election.

Tara McGowan discusses how abortion access might swing the November election on The Weekend Show.

Sawyer Hackett on the plan to unseat Ted Cruz in Texas, GOP immigration lies and the Green New Deal.

Joanne Carducci on the state of America, as Joe Biden pushes ahead of Donald Trump in the polls.

Lev Parnas exposes Russian collusion. The Weekend Show with Anthony Davis. Sunday March 3, 2024.

Victor Shi on the rigged electoral college system and how racism drives Republican politics.

Greg Olear joins Anthony Davis to discuss the MAGA Republican support of Putin and the Kremlin.

Cornell William Brooks on the Supreme Court's Trump bias and the danger of Christian Nationalism.

Former Republican Ally Sammarco on the chances of further defectors who reject Trump over his lies.

Michael Popok joins Anthony Davis to analyze the odds of Donald Trump’s downfall. Sun Jan 28, 2024.

Former aide to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on the threat of a Trump dictatorship.

Allan Piper joins Anthony to deconstruct Trump's ‘Project 2025’. Sunday January 14, 2024.

Trump's ‘Project 2025' fascist plan exposed. Sunday January 14, 2024.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr Bandy Lee on Trump’s mental pathology still ignored by media and lawmakers.

Best of THE WEEKEND SHOW for NYE featuring Peter Stzrok, Emily Galvin Almanza and Lev Parnas.

'Best of' episode with guests Heather Cox Richardson, Tony Atamanuik and Tom Bonier. Dec 24, 2023

Prof. Jennifer Mercieca on America sleepwalking into authoritarianism. Sunday December 17, 2023.

Tom Bonier on current Presidential polling and into the 2024 race. Sunday December 10, 2023.

Emily Galvin-Almanza on the the Voting Rights ruling, abortion and the rise of far-right leaders.

Nick Knudsen on the campaign to re-elect Joe Biden and the threat of Republican misinformation.

Heather Cox Richardson on the danger of authoritarianism and far-right Christian nationalism.

Comedian Anthony Atamanuik on Donald Trump's psychopathy and his threat of retribution in 2024.

Congressional candidate Rebecca Cooke on the essential rural vote.

Jim Stewartson on the ongoing threat from the pro-Trump cult and QAnon. Sunday October, 2023.

Jim Stewartson on the ongoing threat from the pro-Trump conspiracy cult. Sunday October, 2023.

Deleted video

David Frum on the danger of Trump 2024 and the race to secure a new Speaker of the House.

Kaivan Shroff on the threat to democracy after Trump’s inflammatory abuse of law enforcement.

Juliet Jeske on the GOP Debate, Trump's 2024 strategy and Fox News post Rupert Murdoch.

Cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh on free speech, the UN’s desperate plea on Climate Change and more

Peter Strzok on Trump pointing to sympathetic comments from Vladimir Putin to bolster his case.

Politics Girl on the state of America and how we all have a role to play in restoring democracy.

Jared Yates Sexton on Trump’s plans for authoritarian rule, and the media’s failure to cover it.

Amanda Litman on the state of elections, the candidates and how US democracy is on a knife’s edge.

Dina Seyegh Doll joins Anthony Davis to analyze the odds of a successful prosecution of Donald Trump

Economist Umair Haque on the effects of the climate crisis on the world economy. Sun August 13, 2023

The truth about climate change on the world economy with Umair Haque. Sunday August 13, 2023.

Expert on authoritarianism Ruth Ben-Ghiat explains Trump's increasing lawlessness. Sun Aug 6, 2023.

Trump henchman Lev Parnas, who has since escaped the cult, in conversation with Anthony Davis.

Jan 6 defendant Pam Hemphill on her journey to MAGA, and how she finally escaped the cult of Trump.

Cult expert Dr Steven Hassan explains how to engage with increasingly hostile MAGA Republicans.

Founder of Courier Newsroom Tara McGowan discusses how the media defines hate speech as free speech.

Democratic activist Victor Shi responds to the Supreme Court decision that will impact young people.

Mueller She Wrote star Allison Gill exposes the sham Durham Inquiry. Sunday June 25, 2023.

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